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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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Course start date: Thursday, April 19, 2018

Class start time: 7:00pm ET U.S.

Critics of Christianity claim that the stories of Jesus were embellished or even invented in some cases over time. A few may say he never really existed, or others say he may have existed as a decent man but the idea of him being the Son of God evolved over a few hundred years. The purpose of which, they say, was to control people. Sometimes they use as evidence for this, the controlling effect that modern churches have over people.


So what's the truth? Can anyone really know what happened nearly 2000 years ago? If the resurrection didn't physically occur then the critics are right: Christianity is a lie. And that all churches today are perpetrating a hoax. You see, as they say, Jesus' resurrection is the very cornerstone of Christianity.


Since critics don't accept the biblical record, this fifteen week course looks at empirical data and documented events surrounding this most amazing story. Historical documents from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd centuries, and some recent discoveries, are studied and discussed. These resources come from Jesus followers and non Jesus followers, those who would be considered enemies of the Christian movement.


The instructor: Drew De Grado

Drew is not a scholar nor a historian, and clearly never claims to be one. Decades of self study in the Bible and exposure to criticisms of the Christian movement led him to research deeper into the historical records from a non-believers point of view. This journey began for Drew in 2013 and is an ongoing work as more evidence continues to surface. Drew is an 'everyday average guy', and believes it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what really happened. People can debate the facts for a number of reasons, but the facts are the facts, and 'everyday average' people can know them.

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